Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The D&D Thirty Day Challenge, Day 2: Favorite PC Race

My favorite player character race is...

I can hear it now as gamers cry out, "BORING!!!"

I like humans for all of the same reasons that many other gamers will play anything but a human. I have often heard, "I am a human in real life. Why would I want to play one in a fantasy story?"
It's a valid point. I don't exclusively play humans. My current 5th Edition Cleric of Pharasma (the DM is using the Pathfinder setting) is a Half-elf. I tend to like dwarves. My first character ever was a hobbit, later to be renamed a halfling because of some law or something. 

I tend to stick to humans for a few reasons. First, no matter what edition I play, the human is the go to easy "build" in the language of young gamers today. I need to write down nothing or almost nothing concerning the race. In 5th Ed., I do have to add the ability score mods and off we go. That's still simple. I like to lean on the class and make that shine. That might be a big reason why I grovel at the feet of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. It's a game of all humans*. However, what it lacks in player races, it makes up for in classes.

I also like to play humans because the vast majority of the fantasy and fiction I have read place a human as the main protagonist. If I am envisioning a hero, I find Faramir, Conan, Fafhrd, John Carter, Han Solo, a boatload of characters (both living and dead) from A Song of Ice and Fire, etc. tend to be my inspirations. 

Finally, I like humans because they have become the underdog of the modern tabletop RPGs. In most of the newer games I have played in, almost no one plays a human (convention games are different because of pre-generated characters.) I remember in one episode of "The Osbournes", Ozzy tells his daughter Kelly not to get a tattoo because he says something like "everyone has a tattoo. If you want to be different and go against the grain, don't get one." Thanks, Ozzy. Humans are my "no tattoos" in D&D. 


*There are "races" per se in AS&SoH, but they are human races that are only different in appearance and background information. They do not have different abilities like in standard D&D.  With that said, in my current AS&SoH game, there is an Elf fighter/magic-user/thief and a gnome illusionist thief in the party. Long story short, they travelled through time and space because of a freak accident on Greyhawk to Hyperborea. Meta-game info: I converted the game from AD&D to AS&SoH. The gnome now uses the legermainist class and the elf uses the base classes from the game but splits the XP between the three classes just like he would in AD&D. 

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