Sunday, August 08, 2010

My first impressions of the new Red Box.

My FLGS was able to acquire a preview copy of the new D&D red box for the upcoming release of the Essentials line. I was able to peruse it. Here are my thoughts.

If you are an experienced D&D player/DM, this is NOT the product for you. While there are some nice tiles, counters, a set of dice, for $20 the only thing of some utility to seasoned players would be the Dungeon Master's book.

Now, saying that, if I was a youngster today wanting to learn 4th edition D&D, this is THE product to get. The player's book uses a format similar to the Mentzer Basic set from 1983. The character is created based upon the decisions that the player makes during the "choose your own adventure" setup. With that, the concept of the basic game rules is explained also during the solo play.

The character sheet I really like, because each skill is listed under its respective ability score. I am not sure if this can be done with the character builder cause I haven't played with it that much.

More on my thoughts tomorrow.