Thursday, September 22, 2005


Today is my birthday... and although I share this day of celebration with Bilbo Baggins, (and Frodo for that matter) it is not my eleventy-first birthday. It is, however, my thirty-fifth. Why start a weblog on my 35th birthday?

First, A little history is due. It was only one year and a few days ago that my mother had passed away. She was but a couple weeks shy of her 70th birthday. Although it is no forecast of my own fate, if I too were to pass at 70 years of age, this day would be my halfway point on this journey. Considering this, my 2nd half-life has just started.

The Tarot card "Six of Swords" could mean several things, including: feeling somewhat depressed, getting over a tough time, starting to cope, beginning to get your health back, going on a journey, and entering into a new frame of mind. I find this very approiate theme for the first day of the rest of my life. This past year has been a rough time for my family and I. Now, it is time for a new frame of mind, and a new journey to begin.

Follow me while I make some long overdue changes.